Specific paper for chick farms

The 1stEPS CHICKPAPER is a fundamental tool in chick farming, as it offers numerous advantages both for the health of the animals and for the profitability of the business. Here’s how it is used and what benefits it brings:

In free-range chicken farming systems, paper rolls are an essential element. They are placed along the floor of the structures to create a clean and comfortable environment for the newly hatched chicks.

The paper strips are spread on the floor of the brooder, creating a clean and easily accessible surface for the chicks. These strips serve as the base on which the rows of feed are placed.

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of paper on the ground, the chicks can move easily and find feed easily. This is especially important in the first days of life, when chicks are most vulnerable and need quick and easy access to food.

1stEPS CHICKPAPER helps maintain a healthy and hygienic growing environment: the paper absorbs the chicks’ first faeces, which are rich in bacteria and can pose a risk to the health of the animals. This helps keep the environment cleaner and reduces the risk of infections. By keeping the farm environment clean, the possibility of infections and injuries among animals is significantly reduced. In particular, the risk of breaking chicks’ legs is reduced, improving their overall well-being.


With the use of 1stEPS CHICKPAPER you can increase profitability by up to 5% per breeding cycle.


Technical features

Available with different resistances: from 1 to 3 days or from 3 to 7 days.

Weight per m2: 40 g/m2

Height: 68cm

Length: 200ml

Colors: green, white

Packaging: 2 pieces per pack

Other weights and dimensions on request