W-proof Paper

W-proof Paper

Special paper for packaging

Are you looking for effective and economical packaging to protect your products from moisture during export? W-proof Paper is the perfect answer to your needs.
W-proof Paper is a reliable barrier against water and moisture, ensuring that your parts, whether automotive parts or machined industrial components remain dry and protected during transport and storage. An ideal choice for padding wooden maritime
crates and other export packaging, W-proof Paper is 100% hydrophobic.
W-proof Paper is an economical solution that – at the same time – guarantees highquality protection: thanks to its resistance to perforation it ensures that the products remain intact during transport.

Carta specifica per imballaggi industriali

Technical features

Mass per unit area (EN 13859-1): 150±5% g/m²

Thickness (EN 1849-1): 0,14±15% mm

Tensile strength (EN 13859-1): MD: 410 N/5 cm±15% CD: 195 N/5 cm±15%

Elongation (EN 13859-1): MD: 2-3% CD: 5-8%

Nail tearing (EN 13859-1): MD: 11 N±15% CD: 12 N±15%

Dimensional stability (EN 13859-1 (80°C)): 0<DL<0,5%

Determination of water absorption (EN 20535 – Cobb60 method): 32 g/m²


Sizes available

100, 120, 140