Nat Paper

Nat Paper

Special paper for poultry and ornithology

Nat Paper is the revolution in the world of poultry and ornithology sector. This paper was designed with a clear objective: to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the animals while ensuring the protection of the ecosystem and the sustainability of the production system.

What sets Nat Paper apart is its innovative composition. Developed with a special coated paper composed entirely of materials of natural-vegetable origin, this paper has been subjected to rigorous European tests to guarantee its compliance with the highest environmental standards. Thanks to this process, Nat Paper is completely compostable, pulpable, and recyclable, offering an ecological and sustainable solution for poultry farming.

But Nat Paper‘s qualities don’t stop there. Its flexibility and resistance make it a practical and effective choice for the daily challenges of poultry farming.

Furthermore, the single-color printing option allows Nat Paper to be customized to the farmer’s preferences, offering an additional level of versatility and adaptability.

Carta speciale per avicoltura e ornitologia

Technical features

Grammage: 90 gr/sqm – others on request

Packaging: pallet

Winding: possible with both external and internal coating


Sizes available

Hight: min 24 cm – max 150 cm

Lenght: min 50 ml – max 6000 m