A1F - Artigiancarta

A1F - Artigiancarta

Specific paper for building

The A1F – Artigiancarta is manufactured with wet-strength kraft paper and according the technical requirements of BS 152, Class A1F, for water-proof building papers, the product is equipped with a reinforcing mesh.

The A1F – Artigiancarta can be used where conditions require a material with greater strength and durability.

Ideal for use under a nailed wooden floor when installing directly onto a wooden substrate.


Typical uses oh the The A1F – Artigiancarta: Moisture barrier, underlayments on non-insulated coverings, separation layers, exclusion barriers for bond breaks, drafts and humidity.

A1F – Artigiancarta

Technical features

Average grammage: 260 gr/smq

Tensile strength dry (BS 4415): MD 18,7 KN/m – CD 9,7 KN/m

Thickness: 0,28 mm

Bursting strenght dry (BS3137): 933 Kn/m2

Liquid water resitance (24h, 100mm, BS 1521): pass

Upper temperature stability: >70°C

Moisture vapour resistance (BS3177): 65 MNs/g (sd 13,2 m)

Chemical resistance: Resistant to chemicals found in plaster and cement

Size available: 1000×25 mm – 1000×50 mm – other on request

Biological: Does not attract insects or vermin