Glob Paper

Glob Paper

Undercage for laying or breeding hens

Embossed paper is an important resource used in both sheet and roll formats for various applications in poultry farming.

In the breeding sector, engraved paper is used as an undercover for laying hens and breeders. This practice is essential to maintain a hygienic environment and prevent diseases and infections during the first days of the animals’ life. The paper is placed on the bottom of the cages so that the animals walk on it, offering support that promotes their well-being.

In the transport sector, engraved paper is used in the bottoms of hatchery boxes. When the chicks are born, they are transported to the farms in plastic crates. A sheet of embossed paper is placed on the bottom of these boxes to keep the environment clean and to allow the chicks to cling safely thanks to the embossing of the paper, thus avoiding injuries during transport.

Our Glob Paper for hatcheries, chick carriers, and laying hen liners is made from 100% recyclable material, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

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Technical features

Average grammage: 130/170/220 gr/sqm

Sizes available: according to your standards