Pyrotechnics industry


The pyrotechnics industry is constantly evolving, with an increasing focus on
technological innovation and sustainability.

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Security, Entertainment, Innovation

The pyrotechnics industry is mainly composed of two branches: fireworks and military. Both operate in a highly regulated environment: strict regulations are in place to ensure public safety, the proper management of explosive materials and compliance with international laws relating to arms and ammunition.

The most visible part of the pyrotechnics industry is fireworks. These masterpieces of light and color illuminate the sky on special occasions, from New Year's Eve celebrations to national celebrations. The art of designing fireworks involves chemistry, physics and extraordinary creativity. The brilliant explosions, sparkling effects and cascades of color are the result of a meticulous design and manufacturing process.

In parallel, the military pyrotechnics industry is focused on the creation of munitions and defense systems. Here, precision and reliability are crucial. Munitions such as rockets, mortars and projectiles are developed to meet specific needs of the armed forces, while ensuring maximum safety during use.

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