RH Control Paper

RH Control Paper

Specific paper for packaging

RH Control Paper stands out for its waterproof and corrosion protection features, when it comes to flexibility and superior performance, RH Control Paper emerges as an extraordinary packaging material. Its flexibility offers better stretch properties than
non-crepe paper.
RH Control Paper, with its exceptional ductility, is able to adapt perfectly to the contours of the wrapped objects. Furthermore, crepe paper has a high moisture absorption capacity, making it ideal for protecting objects even in high humidity conditions.
Even on sharp edges, RH Control Paper offers maximum protection thanks to its ability to wrap every surface evenly. This feature makes it a perfect choice when packaging safety is paramount.
RH Control Paper meets the most stringent demands in the industrial packaging sector.

Carta specifica per imballaggi industriali

Technical features

Mass per unit area (EN 13859-1): 540±5% g/m²

Thickness (EN 1849-1): 1,65±15% mm

Tensile strength (EN 13859-1): MD: 150 N/5 cm±15% CD: 180 N/5 cm±15%

Elongation (EN 13859-1): MD: 15-20% CD: 2-3%

Nail tearing (EN 13859-1): MD: 28 N±15% CD: 44 N±15%

Dimensional stability (EN 13859-1 (80°C)): 0<DL<0,5%


Sizes available

Width: 150, 160 cm
Lenght: 100 m