Special paper for poultry

Avicart is the paper for poultry use designed to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the animals, thanks to its ability to prevent wastewater from reaching the lower parts of the farm – also guaranteeing the safety of the operators and the
sustainability of the entire system of production-.
Particularly suitable for small to medium-sized breeding sites, Avicart offers reliable protection against humidity and wear: thanks to its flexibility and resistance, this paper represents a practical and effective solution for the daily challenges of poultry farming,
allowing farmers to focus on animal welfare and sustainable resource management.
In a sector where attention to detail and attention to the environment is essential, Artigiancarta paper products stand out for their quality and reliability, offering farmers a solution they can rely on to protect their investment and guarantee the long-term success of their businesses.

carta ad uso avicolo

Technical features

Mass per unit area (EN 13859-1): 85±6% g/m²

Thickness (EN 1849-2): 0,1±15% mm

Tensile strength (EN 13859-1): MD:250N/5 cm±15% CD:100 N/5 cm±15%

Elongation  (EN 13859-1): MD: 1-2% CD: 2-3%

COBB 60 (EN 20535): 0,8-2,5 g/m²

Nail tearing (EN 13859-1): MD: 7 N±15% CD: 7 N±15%


Sizes available

Hight: 50,54,60,65,79,92,98 cm
others on request

Lenght: 1200 cm
others on request