Dyna Paper

Dyna Paper

Carta specifica per l'industria pirotecnica

Dyna Paper* is designed to optimize the performance of the pyrotechnics industry: during the production phase, it is chemically treated to make the product more efficient in preventing the passage of humidity. This special treatment gives Dyna Paper the ability to resist adverse atmospheric conditions, such as condensation and light rain, preventing the growth of mold and ensuring the safety and integrity of the pyrotechnic ingredients.
Furthermore, Dyna Paper, thanks to its resistance and flexibility, is extremely versatile in the application phase. It can be shaped and positioned as a protective container tube ‘cover’, offering a reliable and long-lasting solution for a wide range of pyrotechnic devices. The longevity of the product is synonymous with its great reliability, helping to ensure safety and/or a memorable show during fireworks events.

Carta pirotecnica - black paper

Technical features

Mass per unit area  (EN 13859-2): 130±7% g/m²

Thickness  (EN 1849-1): 16±15% mm

Tensile strength  (EN 13859-2): MD:230N/5 cm±15% CD:80 N/5 cm±15%

Elongation (EN 13859-2): MD: 1-2% CD: 2-3%

COBB 60 (UNI EN ISO 535:2014): 4-8

Nail tearing  (EN 13859-2): MD: 6 N±15% CD: 6 N±15%

Artificial ageing tensile strength after ageing  (EN 13859-1): MD: 230 N/5 cm±15% CD: 76 N/5 cm±15%

Water vapour transmission property  (EN 13859-2): WDD: 65±15% g/m² x 24h Sd=0,6 m 23°C 0/75% RH

Dimensional stability  (EN 13859-2 (80°C)): -0,5<DL<0,5 %

Flexibility at low temperature  (EN 13859-2): -20°C

Drop test  (Metodo interno): >> 1 minuto


Sizes available

Lenght: 6000 m
others on request
width: from 1000 mm to 1400 mm
others on request


* this special product is produced by campain wit a minimum order