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The integration of hygienic practices in the poultry sector is essential to ensure animal health,
product quality and food safety, thus contributing to the overall well-being of communities.

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Responsible poultry farming

The poultry industry is a vital sector that deals with the breeding, production and marketing of chickens, hens and other poultry for human consumption.

At the heart of the poultry industry is the responsible breeding of birds, which includes providing a balanced diet, adequate veterinary care and optimal living conditions. Efforts are focused not only on producing high-quality meat and eggs, but also on adopting sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact.

Hygiene in poultry farming plays a crucial role in guaranteeing animal health, food safety and the prevention of diseases transmissible to humans. Hygienic management in poultry operations is essential to protect animals from disease, improve the quality of the final product and preserve public health.

Poultry companies adopt rigorous hygiene practices on their farms. This includes regularly cleaning the environments where animals are raised, managing waste safely and implementing protocols to prevent the spread of disease. Proper ventilation, access to clean water and provision of clean bedding are also essential to maintaining a healthy environment.

Our papers for the poultry sector are designed to guarantee optimal living conditions for farmed chickens.