No.De Paper

No.De Paper

Specific paper for packaging

Waterproofing and protection against exposure to salt and corrosion are the main characteristics of No.De Paper.
No.De Paper – thanks to its waterproof characteristic – prevents water from entering from the outside, keeps internal relative humidity constantly low, and prevents drops of water from triggering corrosion.
Reinforced by a scrimm of nylon threads, No.De Paper guarantees high performance: it is used by industrial packaging manufacturers as an internal lining of wooden crates to protect goods from humidity and other harmful agents during maritime transport.

Carta specifica per imballaggi industriali

Technical features

Mass per unit area (EN 13859-1): 175±5% g/m²

Thickness  (EN 1849-1): 0,22±15% mm

Tensile strength (EN 13859-1): MD: 360 N/5 cm±15% CD: 160 N/5 cm±15%

Elongation (EN 13859-1): MD: 1-2% CD: 2-3%

Nail tearing (EN 13859-1): MD: 22 N±15% CD: 34 N±15%

Dimensional stability (EN 13859-1 (80°C)): 0<DL<0,5%


Sizes available

Hight: 100,120,150 cm
others on request
Lenght: 50 m
others on request